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Traditionally, the Persian garden is walled, demarcating the borders between the private and public spaces. At key historical moments, though, those boundaries have blurred and the idyllic Persian garden has become a space of political intrigue. For Bahar, the breached garden wall is a trope through which she can explore Iranian history more broadly, and its relations with the United States more specifically.  → See the series catalogue
—Dr. Shiva Balaghi, independent scholar and curator

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Let the Garden Eram Flourish

Mixed media on canvas
70 x 100 in / 178 x 254 cm

Adorned with Pillars

Mixed media on canvas
57 x 74 in / 145 x 188 cm

Char Bagh (4 Quadrilaterals)

Mixed media on canvas
72 x 54 in / 183 x 137 cm

Chronicle of the Garden

Mixed media on canvas
8 pieces, each 36 x 28 in / 91 x 71 cm