The Shed Space, Brooklyn
(Up)rooted: A study on Immigrant Flora
September 9 - 19, 2018

(Up)rooted: A Study on Immigrant Flora

Installation Images

An exhibit by Bahar Behbahani in collaboration with Shamsy Behbahani

(Up)rooted: A Study on Immigrant Flora, is a process-oriented and multidisciplinary project, including sculptural wire crochet, drawing and sound. This body of work is part of a larger ongoing series of Immigrant Flora which stages the plants as witness across different landscapes to examine the culture of immigration. In this series of works Behbahani collaborated with her mother, Shamsy Behbahani as a dynamic agent to interlace the language, spiritual, and ritual aspect of repositioning body, memory, and commerce.

Shamsy Behbahani has been crocheting with sterling silver and coated copper since she has moved to the US in early 2017. Her labor intensive crocheting has been transforming different issues considering her migration to a ritual dialogue with her surrounding. Bahar Behbahani utilized her drawings directly on the walls of the gallery entangled with her mother’s wire sculptural objects and contributed to their relationship as mother-daughter in this stage of their life.
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