7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art
Clouds ⇄ Forest
September 19, 2017 - January 18, 2019
Curated by Dr. Yuko Hasegawa

"Clouds ⇄ Forest employs a philosophy of ecology framework referencing circulation between sky and land"

The Color of Soil Never Lies

Installation Images
Part of the Main Project, Clouds ⇄ Forest

"We do not know whether censored and undisclosed information is dirty or dangerous, but we feel curious texture (materiality) there, and such feeling becomes art. Bahar Behbahani’s work could work as an example towards new relationship between material and information."
            — excerpt from GA Journal of Global Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices, Tokyo University of the Arts by Yuko Hasegawa

The Color of Soil Never Lies consists of paintings from Garden Coup series surrounding a 7-meter wooden structure inspired by the plan of multilevel Persian pool. Each level of these surfaces, where we expect water should flow, is filled with Russian soil covering Iran's fraught histories. Upon the soil the pages of the CIA report of the 1953 Iran coup are placed and only partly revealed. Some are redacted by CIA and some are covered in drawings.
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