Thomas Erben Gallery, New York
Garden Coup
May 19 - June 25, 2016

Garden Coup

Installation Images

"Bahar Behbahani with her exhibition at Thomas Erben gallery, Garden Coup, isn’t trying to teach any lessons or correct an account. Instead, she gives us the stories and half-truths that tie together a series of events into a neat package that could be called a history of the 1953 coup that deposed the Iranian Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh."
            — excerpt from The Hazy Chronicles of a CIA-backed Coup by Seph Rodney, Hyperallergic, June 24, 2016

Thomas Erben Gallery is pleased to announce Garden Coup, a solo exhibition by Bahar Behbahani, an Iranian artist living and working in New York. The exhibition comprises paintings and an installation structured around the conflicted figure of Donald Wilber. Wilber is marked by duality: his writings on Persian gardens distinguish him as a well-respected Middle Eastern architectural scholar, one whose research the artist studied in college. However, Wilber was also a CIA secret agent, responsible for orchestrating the 1953 military coup in Iran.
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