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Bahar Behbahani Art - Behind the Mirrors
Behind the Mirrors
Bahar Behbahani, Turkey-USA, 2015
Single channel, HD video, Time: 18:00


dot_clear Spawned from my research into the mirror neuron, Behind the Mirrors is my current work and next step in my long-term exploration of memory, loss, and longing. Interpreted as the mechanism by which we simulate others to better understand them, the mirror neuron may be important for interpreting the actions of others and learning through imitation.

Set in Cappadocia, Turkey, a site of the original Persian Empire dating back to nearly the 6th century BC, the protagonist in this time-based work considers displacement and alienation in the contemporary era by investigating culture and history. I employ a visual language that abstracts my relationship with people and poetry, pop culture and politics, and assists in my reflection on my culture's Orwellian dimensions by acknowledging the dynamic of the watcher watching.


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