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Bahar Behbahani Art - The Takers Series Paintings
The Takers Series

Revision, Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 80 inches Biographies, Mixed media on canvas
The Takers is motivated exclusively by the tangible experiences obtained in the United States. Sooner than I expected, I was trapped within the whirlpool of consumption, sometimes violently so to 'take' and to 'win.' My first inspiration for painting this series was watching the NBA Playoff games. I saw the court as life in this country. The fights, the tricks, the communication, the ambitions, the violence, the beauty, the anxieties, the power, the defeat, the frustration, the acceptance and betrayal-between teammates and competitors. All of these in order to take the ball, place it in the basket and gain victory. This parallel game surrounds me here, in the name of freedom, democracy and justification.

The diptychs and triptychs in the Takers series were inspired by a movie by Kurosawa I saw when I was 17. A woman is raped and her husband is killed in a forest in ancient Japan. The film gives us four different viewpoints of this act, in which every aspect of humanity is stripped and taken. Kurosawa masterfully creates each viewpoint as acceptable and objective, leaving us to wonder "Which is the truth?" if there is any. The diptychs and triptychs also allow us to question multiple perspectives, motivations and 'facts' of taking.

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