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Bahar Behbahani Art - Perfect Female Series Paintings
Perfect Female Series

Reminiscence, Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 80 inches Revision, Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 80 inches Biographies, Mixed media on canvas
Scientists have labeled the queen bee "the perfect female".

She is attended to and fed most of her life.
Distinctive in appearance, she measures approximately a quarter inch longer than all other bees.
She can produce up to 3.000 eggs per day at the height of reproduction.
In essence, she is a perfect egg-laying machine.

Although the name might imply it, a Queen has no control over the hive. A good queen is of quality stock and is well reared, well fed and well mated. She is continuously surrounded by worker attendants, who actively meet her needs, feeding her, disposing of her waste and licking her body to provide the pheromones needed for her to fulfill her sole function as the colony's reproducer.

As a woman reared in a restricted society I was forced to wear a veil. Passivity was, and is, the feminine ideal. I experienced feelings of fear and anxiety over whether or not I had sufficiently suppressed and covered myself-my public laughs and stares muffled. This in contrast to an open and warm atmosphere inside my home led me to question facts, humanity, femininity and love, constantly searching for my identity.

Here still, as I walk the streets of Brooklyn alone, not wearing my veil, I carry all the same fears and insecurities. I am not looked at as an artist, but rather as a female Iranian artist. Here still, I seek my identity as a human being but I find myself on a universal stage playing my role as a victim of sexism and prejudice. Here still, the fears, the questions, the doubts and the struggles are alive. They come with me in different shapes but reminiscent tastes.

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